Discipleship Ministry
The Discipleship Ministry Team is committed to Christian Education of all believers especially those who are members of this congregation and communty.  As facilitators , we encourage you to attend all facets of Christian Education training.  This will includeand and all conferneces, workshops, seminars, Vacation Bible School, Sunday Church School etc, for these programs provides a excellent opportunity for spiritual growth.Therefore our goal is simple.
  1. To help assure the church that each member understands the nature of the vonenant relationship he/she is entering.  To further ascertain that  new members are committed to tis contect wholeheartedly.  
  2. To help each member gain a basic understanding and be committed to the specific privileges of membership in this church.
  3. To help each member become a growing participant in the life and mnistry of the Christian fellowship which he/she have joined. 
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Jude Q's & A's
BTU  tonught at 5:00 P.M.

Tonights discussion will cover the book of Jude.
Our instructions to you is to first read the entuire book of Jude and take the attached quiz
To help you develope a full understanding od Jude, please define the following words:


You may bring this quiz with you to check your answers.

Sunday School lesson

Lesson 1 - September 6 2015
Subject: Praying for Boldness
Devotional Reading: Matthews 6:9-15
Background Scriptures: Acts 4:1-31

Conclusion: Let’s work on seeking God’s empowerment to serve Him in effective ways today. God has much for those who obey His will. 


Devotional Reading: Isaiah 1:15-18
Background Scriptures: Acts 4:32-5:11

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